Question: How Do You Thinly Slice Potatoes Without Mandolin?

How do you cut potatoes really thin?

Wash and peel the potatoes.

Then slice them very thin (1/8th inch) using a mandolin slicer or a knife.

Place the slices into the cold water and let soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

This will remove the starch..

Do I really need a mandoline?

You don’t need a mandoline (but they’re damned handy). A mandoline is part of every working chef’s toolbox. … If you have even modest knife skills and don’t do a lot of entertaining, you can do anything and everything you ever need to do in a kitchen with just a chef’s knife and paring knife.

Is there a safe mandoline?

The DASH safe slice mandolin offers a safer way to cut like a Pro. The unique design prevents your Hands from ever going near the built-in blades, making this mandolin the safest option for an Expert slice.

How do you cut a 2 inch potato?

How to Dice PotatoesStep 1: Slice a strip off, lengthwise, so the potato sits flat on the cutting surface. … Step 2: Slice the potato into uniform pieces, while holding it with your non-cutting hand. … Step 3: Cut each round into sticks, or “batons”. … Step 4: Turn the batons 90 degrees and cut across the shorter side into cubes.

How do you cut potatoes like a pro?

– Hold the potato side ways and run a knife at the center. – Cut it again right at the center twice so as to get 8 wedges out of a potato. – Rest the potato horizontally on the cutting board. – As per the demand of the recipe, slice the potato having a firm grip over it.

Can you slice sweet potatoes in a food processor?

The sweet potatoes are so hard, it’s really difficult to make really thin slices by hand. Using a food processor, slice the sweet potatoes very thinly. … Continue to bake the sweet potato chips, checking to make sure the potatoes aren’t browning because each oven is different.

Can you use a mandoline to slice potatoes?

Mandolines are perfect for slicing potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, you name it! I use mine constantly for making homemade potato chips, scalloped potatoes, or even the julienne vegetables for Beef Bulgogi bowls.

Can my food processor slice potatoes?

You can certainly use your food processor to slice both firm and ripe potatoes, and here’s how: Wash your potatoes. Peel the skins off if necessary for the dish. Cut the potatoes into halves or thinner, smaller pieces.

What can I use if I don’t have a mandolin?

4 Ways to Shave Vegetables Without a MandolineVegetable Peeler. This option will give you vegetable shapes that most resemble those you’ll get from a mandoline. … Cheese Planer. … Knife. … Food Processor.May 31, 2016

Can you use a food processor instead of a mandolin?

Also, a food processor tends to be less precise and harder to control than a mandolin, which makes it less than ideal for achieving precise cuts. For this reason, most home cooks don’t like to use a food processor for slicing, which requires more finesse.

Can you slice apples in a food processor?

Slice, Dice and Chop Apples Faster with Appliances Cut down prep time and create consistent pieces with these small kitchen appliances: Food Processors – The possibilities are practically endless – use the disc to slice or shred peeled or unpeeled apples.

Can you slice meat with a food processor?

Yes, you can slice meat in a food processor. In fact, food processors have a slicing attachment for this purpose. The size of your slicing blade determines the thickness of your cut. It is recommended to freeze your meat to make it easier to cut.