Quick Answer: What Mandolin Do Chefs Use?

Can you use a food processor instead of a mandolin?

Also, a food processor tends to be less precise and harder to control than a mandolin, which makes it less than ideal for achieving precise cuts.

For this reason, most home cooks don’t like to use a food processor for slicing, which requires more finesse..

How much does a mandoline cost?

How much does a mandolin cost? One should expect pay at least $300 for a good quality mandolin. Now this doesn’t mean that every $300 instrument is good quality.

Can you slice salami with a mandolin?

The mandoline’s virtues are lightning-fast speed and versatility. … With very little effort, you whiz food back and forth across the blade to make julienned (matchstick) carrots, superthin slices of salami, thicker ones of bell pepper, or waffle-sliced potatoes.

Are Mandolines worth it?

With a mandoline, you can create paper thin slices of vegetables that make for a very quick and elegant salad. A mandolin can turn cabbage into thinly sliced slaw for fish tacos and can make raw fennel bulb and red onion slices delicious and less “bitey” when eaten raw.

What is the best kitchen mandoline?

The Best MandolineOur pick. Super Benriner. The best mandoline. This classic mandoline found in restaurant kitchens all over the world has razor-sharp replaceable blades and a safe hand guard. … Budget pick. KitchenAid Hand-Held V-Blade Mandoline Slicer. Small and affordable. … Runner-up. Swissmar Börner VPower. A solid backup option.Jun 18, 2019

What should I look for in a mandoline slicer?

What to Consider When Buying a Mandoline SlicerSafety First. When your hands are moving with speed and force directly toward a blade, you do not want to mess around when it comes to safety. … Easy Setup and Cleanup. … Blade Material. … Blade Type. … Platform Size.Dec 5, 2020

What is the safest mandoline?

The DASH safe slice mandolin offers a safer way to cut like a Pro. The unique design prevents your Hands from ever going near the built-in blades, making this mandolin the safest option for an Expert slice.

Can you slice meat with a mandolin?

You can also use the mandoline to slice your meat. This is useful when you are making a stir-fry. You can cut your meat into thin slices. You can then serve the slices as they are or you can fry them in a wok.

What can I use instead of a mandolin?

4 Ways to Shave Vegetables Without a MandolineVegetable Peeler. This option will give you vegetable shapes that most resemble those you’ll get from a mandoline. … Cheese Planer. … Knife. … Food Processor.May 31, 2016

Are mandolins safe?

But for all its ease, a mandoline can be a danger as well. If you don’t tread carefully, the sharp blade can slice through a finger as swiftly as it does a potato. For this reason, it is vital to look for a high quality product, one that slices with minimal force and provides proficient safety mechanisms.

Can you slice chicken with a mandolin?

1 Answer. Freeze the breasts, then use a mandoline to make even slices. (If you have access to a deli slicer with its rotary blade, that would be even faster; however, a mandoline slicer is more typical in a home kitchen.) The freezing keeps the relatively small pieces of meat stable so they will slice more evenly.

What is the best professional mandoline slicer?

The Top 10 Best Professional Mandoline SlicersVegetable Slicer Green (Old Version) … Chef’s INSPIRATIONS Premium V-Blade Mandoline Slicer. … Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Slicer Set with Adjustable Mandoline. … Premium Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer. … Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer.More items…

Can you slice pepperoni with a mandolin?

Use a Mandoline for Easy Slicing. … The mandolin cuts fruit and vegetables while the meat slicer slices various meats. The mandolin can slice and if you have other attachments you can dice, make strips, crinkle or waffle cuts.