Quick Answer: What NBA Player Has A Sister In The WNBA?

Who is the female Michael Jordan?

Sheryl SwoopesThe first player to ever be signed to the WNBA, Sheryl Swoopes remains one of the league’s shining stars.

Regularly referred to as the “female Michael Jordan,” basketball superstar Swoopes has won three Olympic gold medals, an NCAA championship, three MVP awards, and four WNBA titles during her time on the court..

How many years did Reggie Miller play in the NBA?

18Reggie Miller played 18 NBA seasons after being selected 11th overall by the Indiana Pacers in the 1987 NBA draft.

What happened to Cheryl Miller?

Cheryl Miller is the new head coach of the Golden Eagles women’s basketball program at Cal State LA, the University announced Friday. … She helped guide the 1984 U.S. Olympic team to a gold medal and is enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Does Michael Jordan like Reggie Miller?

“I don’t really dislike anybody in the league, but playing Reggie Miller drives me nuts,” Jordan told ESPN’s Rick Telander at the time. “It’s like chicken-fighting with a woman. His game is all this flopping-type thing. He weighs only 185 pounds, so you have to be careful, don’t touch him, or it’s a foul.

How old is Kenny Smith?

56 years (March 8, 1965)Kenny Smith/Age

How tall was Reggie Miller?

2.01 mReggie Miller/Height

Did Cheryl Miller play in the WNBA?

Miller was named Head Coach at USC and coached two seasons (1993–95). Her teams had a combined 42–14 record and went to the NCAA tournament both seasons, making a Regional Final once. She then coached for four seasons (1997–2000) with the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, where she also served as general manager.

Is Reggie Miller White?

Reggie Miller was born on 24th August 1965, in Riverside, California as Reginald Wayne Miller. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is African.

Who is the goat WNBA player?

Diana TaurasiDiana Lorena Taurasi (born June 11, 1982) is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Did Cheryl Miller ever dunk?

A 6’3″, 150-pound guard and forward, Cheryl Miller excelled in nearly every facet of basketball. Cheryl Miller was the first woman to dunk in organized play.

Why did Cheryl Miller leave TNT?

In 2007, she asked for a leave of absence from TNT for the rest of the season. She feared a breakdown. But even after she returned the next season, she wasn’t healed.

How Old Is Cheryl Miller?

57 years (January 3, 1964)Cheryl Miller/Age

Who did Cheryl Miller marry?

Cheryl Miller Bio: Early Life, Family, Wife & CareerFull NameCheryl D. MillerMarital StatusUnmarriedHusbandNoneChildrenNoneProfessionBasketball Coach, Sportscaster27 more rows•6 days ago

What is Reggie Miller net worth?

Reggie Miller Net WorthNet Worth:$80 MillionGender:MaleHeight:6 ft 6 in (2 m)Profession:Basketball player, Commentator, ActorNationality:United States of America2 more rows

Did Cheryl Miller scored 100 points?

Riverside Poly’s Cheryl Miller scored 105 points in a game in 1982, setting a national record at the time.

Who is Reggie Miller sister?

Cheryl MillerTammy MillerReggie Miller/Sisters

Who is the greatest WNBA player of all time?

Sue Bird.Tamika Catchings.Cynthia Cooper.Yolanda Griffith.Becky Hammon.Lauren Jackson.Lisa Leslie.Ticha Penicheiro.More items…

Who was the worst player in the NBA?

Darius GarlandDarius Garland was the NBA’s worst player.

Does Reggie Miller have children?

Reggie Miller settled down and found love with girlfriend Laura Laskowski. The couple is based in Malibu, California and share three children together: son Ryker born in 2013, daughter Lennox born in 2016, and a second daughter born in 2021. Miller, who is 55, and Laskowski have a healthy relationship.

What does Reggie Miller do now?

Currently, he works as an NBA commentator for TNT. On September 7, 2012, Miller was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Why is Cheryl Miller important?

Cheryl Miller, (born January 3, 1964, Riverside, California, U.S.), American basketball player and coach who was one of the greatest players in the history of women’s basketball. Miller is credited with both popularizing the women’s game and elevating it to a higher level.